BABYMONSTER Chiquita’s Mom Shocks Netizens With

BABYMONSTER Chiquita’s Mom Shocks Netizens With Her Visuals And Talent While Doing The “Sheesh” Challenge

“Chiquita’s mom looks so young!”

BABYMONSTER Chiquita‘s mom has shocked netizens with her youthful visuals as she did the “Sheesh” challenge.


Even before debuting, Chiquita gained attention for her talent. When the group re-debuted with “Sheesh,” the young idol showcased her amazing vocals, dancing, and stage presence with the live performances.

Well, it seems like talent runs in Chiquita’s family genes.

Along with Chiquita’s own visuals, netizens were quickly shocked to discover how young and beautiful her mother was. On Instagram, Chiquita’s mom has shared photos of the two of them together, and they could even pass as sisters, considering how young she looks.

Chiquita’s mom and Chiquita | @makimink/Instagram
| @makimink/Instagram

Chiquita’s mom gained attention for her impressive dance challenges on TikTok.

After the release of “Sheesh,” Chiquita’s mom shocked netizens with her own rendition of the song. At first, many thought it was just a fan slaying the dance because they looked so young, until they realized it was actually Chiquita’s mom.

When the video was shared, netizens couldn’t get over how young and beautiful Chiquita’s mom was. Although she has never been shy on social media, since the group made their re-debut, she has become a hot topic, and netizens love watching her videos online. In particular, the comments on her “Sheesh” video were full of netizens praising her skills and visuals.



You can read more about netizens first finding Chiquita’s mom’s TikTok below.

BABYMONSTER Chiquita’s Youthful Mom’s Dance Challenges Have Fans Hoping She’ll Debut

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