“Bad Singing” TikToker’s Video With LE

“Bad Singing” TikToker’s Video With LE SSERAFIM Can’t Escape Negative Comments

Criticism is following them everywhere.

On April 13, LE SSERAFIM made their Coachella debut, performing on the festival’s second night.

LE SSERAFIM | @le_sserafim/X

Many were unsatisfied with their performance, claiming the group did not improve their vocal skills following LE SSERAFIM’s previous live encore “controversy.” This has resulted in criticism of LE SSERAFIM and HYBE‘s production and talent development as a whole.

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Following Sakura’s heartfelt post about Coachella, negativity towards the group only seemed to increase, as any mention of LE SSERAFIM on social media inspired an influx of negative comments.

This has continued on a TikToker’s video where there was no reference to the group’s performance skills at all.

Social media influencer Harry Daniels is known for his comedy sketches, mainly those involving celebrities. Usually, Daniels will approach a celebrity — sometimes asking, sometimes not — and begin to “sing” for them.


he arrived at cafe for a nice meal and instead got a free concert #danielcaesar

♬ original sound – harry daniels

These clips are meant to be funny and have earned Daniels recognition amongst celebrities who are aware of his jokes.

While many of his videos involve Western celebrities, he has done content with K-Pop idols, including Somi and LE SSERAFIM.


tube girl era was shortlived #lesserafim #le_sserafim

♬ original sound – harry daniels

On April 15, Daniels uploaded another TikTok with LE SSERAFIM taken while the group were backstage at Coachella. The social media star does his usual singing for the group, who have a range of funny reactions.



♬ original sound – harry daniels

Many of the TikTok’s comments were laughing at the video’s actual comments…



…however, many included negative and shady comments about LE SSERAFIM’s vocals. Several commenters implied that Daniels’ joke singing was better than the group’s and that he should join or train them.






Not all reactions to the group’s performance have been negative, which you can read more about below.

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