BABYMONSTER continues to gain global popularity

BABYMONSTER continues to gain global popularity on the Billboard charts

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YG Entertainment’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, is continuing to achieve remarkable global success following their debut. With their solid live performances and unique music style, they have captured the hearts of music fans and have been on an upward trend in the US Billboard main chart for three consecutive weeks, solidifying their presence in the global music market.

BABYMONSTER’s debut mini album’s title track ‘SHEESH’ climbed to 16th on the Billboard Global (Excl. U.S) chart and 33rd on the Billboard Global 200 within three weeks of its release, once again breaking their own record from the previous positions of 23rd and 49th. This achievement, based on streaming and music sales, underscores BABYMONSTER’s influence in the global music market.

Moreover, ‘SHEESH’ has shown a continuous upward trend not only on the Spotify Global Daily and Weekly charts but also entered the TOP10 on Melon HOT100, achieving unprecedented success from the debut. Particularly, their first mini album, which includes this track, set a new initial record sales for a K-pop girl group’s debut album by selling over 400,000 copies within a week, and the music video for ‘SHEESH’ has built a golden tower by breaking through 100 million views in the shortest period.

Based on these record-breaking achievements, BABYMONSTER is scheduled to start a fan meeting tour covering five regions in Asia in May, followed by an appearance at Japan’s largest music festival ‘Summer Sonic 2024’, to get closer to global fans. Their dazzling activities are opening a new horizon for K-pop girl groups and gathering expectations for their future endeavors.

The remarkable growth of BABYMONSTER and their increasing influence in the global music market is not just a momentary success but a signal that they are securing their position as sustainable global artists. Looking forward to the various music and activities they will show in the future.


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