ADOR Responds To HYBE’s Claims That

ADOR Responds To HYBE’s Claims That “Project 1945” Proves Min Hee Jin’s Plans To Usurp Power

They denied the claims.

It was previously reported that HYBE had allegedly found an additional document that proved Min Hee Jin’s plans to stage a coup.

“Project 1945?” — HYBE Allegedly Finds Additional Documents To Support Claims That Min Hee Jin Had Been Planning A Coup

The document had been found during the audit, and was titled “Project 1945,” containing subpoints concerning lawsuits, civil suits, media play plans, and more. HYBE has unilaterally interpreted the title “Project 1945” as an indication of Min Hee Jin’s plans to bring ADOR to independence outside of HYBE. This is as 1945 is a significant year in South Korea, the year of liberation and independence.

A staff from ADOR made a counter statement to Channel A Korea, denying HYBE’s interpretation. They claimed that the document were just private entries, akin to random doodles. The “Project 1945” document was also allegedly already leaked before HYBE’s audit was completed, rebutting HYBE’s claim that they found the document during the audit.

Those were simply something like personal doodles with no possibility of being realized. The ‘document’ was information that had already been leaked [to HYBE] before the audit results even came out.


For those who are not yet caught up, Min Hee Jin had allegedly been trying to usurp management rights to ADOR from HYBE, leading to HYBE launching an audit against her and the current board of management. Although she has denied the claims, the feud appears to remain ongoing. Among other things, Min Hee Jin has not rescinded her accusation against HYBE for allegedly permitting and facilitating the copy of her intellectual property with NewJeans. More can be read below.

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