Attending a college welcome party can

Attending a college welcome party can be a small adventure in daily life

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However, for the residents of tvN’s variety program ‘Apartment 404,’ it was an even more special experience. In the episode aired on April 5, 2024, the program revisited an event considered the golden age of culture in 2011, portraying the residents heading to a university.

In this broadcast, Yoo Jae-suk asked Yang SeChan about his unique outfit, and Yang SeChan felt embarrassed for standing out too much. Oh NaRa expressed her curiosity about why they came to a university instead of an apartment, and Cha TaeHyun answered that it was because of an event that happened at the school. Oh NaRa couldn’t hide her excitement upon discovering the freshman welcome party.

‘Apartment 404’ offers new fun to viewers with various scenarios in each episode. This college welcome party episode was particularly meaningful as it showed the residents reminiscing about their youth while simultaneously creating new memories.

At the end of the program, the residents were also seen participating in club recruitment. Thus, ‘Apartment 404’ unfolds new stories with themes relatable to viewers of all generations, delivering laughter and emotion at the same time.

Looking forward to what adventures ‘Apartment 404’ will continue to present and what new experiences the residents will have is undoubtedly interesting. The messages and emotions conveyed by these stories prompt viewers to reflect on their daily lives once more.


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