Infamous Former Idol Gives Absurd “Excuse”

Infamous Former Idol Gives Absurd “Excuse” For Killing A Man While Drunk Driving
Infamous Former Idol Gives Absurd “Excuse” For Killing A Man While Drunk Driving

“Being a celebrity…”

The infamous DJ Yesong, who was once a beloved K-Pop idol, has once again made headlines following the tragic incident she caused while driving under the influence of alcohol.

She is currently undergoing trial for the grave violation of traffic laws that led to the death of a delivery driver. DJ Yesong’s case sparked public outrage, which has intensified after the questionable way she chose to defend herself.

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Yesong faced charges after her involvement in a late-night crash that resulted in the death of a delivery man in his 50s. The accident, which occurred on the morning of February 3 in Seoul, has drawn severe criticism due to Yesong’s blood alcohol level, which stood at 0.221%, far exceeding the legal limit.

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The defense’s argument hinges on a point of contention regarding the road’s layout and the victim’s positioning. They suggested that the tragic outcome might have been avoided had the victim adhered to traffic rules concerning motorcycle lane usage.

This line of reasoning has only fueled public anger, especially in light of the excuse Yeseong provided for her intoxication: the pressures of celebrity life necessitating attendance at a drinking event.

Being a celebrity, [she] was asked to attend a drinking session with broadcasting people…

— DJ Yesong’s team

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In rebuttal, prosecutors have highlighted evidence from dashcam footage, which clearly depicts DJ Yeseong’s inability to control her vehicle, undermining any claim to her driving competence at the time of the incident. Further complicating Yesong’s situation is the suspicion of her involvement in another hit-and-run merely minutes before the fatal crash.

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Outraged netizens have taken to popular forums like FM Korea to condemn the star’s actions.

  • “Has the meaning of being a celebrity changed these days???”
  •  “Just like office workers going to company drinking parties, or people attending alumni drinking parties for camaraderie, look at this person’s logic LOL”
  • “Nowadays, if you have some followers on SNS, you’re considered a celebrity”
  • “Everyone and their dog is a celebrity now.”
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DJ Yesong’s trial continues to attract attention, as many await justice for the victim and a clear message against drunk driving.


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