54-Year Old Actress Has Cool Response

54-Year Old Actress Has Cool Response To Haters After Being Mocked For Having A “Big Butt”

Fans defended her as well.

Netizens are loving the confidence of a 54-year old actress in her body!

Christy Chung made a name for herself in the Hong Kong entertainment industry in the 1990s. The Canadian-born actress is known for starring in films such as Mermaid Got Married, The Bodyguard from Beijing, Love on Delivery and Jan Dara.

Christy Chung | @christychung919/Instagram

She is now 54 years old and continues to amaze netizens with her never-aging visuals. It’s as if she found the fountain of youth, looking decades younger than her actual age with her flawless skin and fit body.

She often receives praise from her followers for her “incredible figure.”

  • “You have an incredible figure.”
  • “Wow! You are in perfect shape!”
  •  “She may be over 50, but she still makes me feel a certain way when I see her pictures.”
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| @christychung919/Instagram

While she has many fans, there are also naysayers who leave hurtful comments on Christy’s social media accounts. A recurring topic among them is her curvy body. Netizens mocked her for having a “big butt” and “thick thighs.” Others added that she looked better several years ago, saying, “She was beautiful beyond belief when she was younger, but now that she’s old, she’s basically a butcher’s knife.”

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| @christychung919/Instagram

Christy responded in a satisfyingly nonchalant way by posting even more fitness-related content on Instagram and Chinese site Xiao Hong Shu. She told fans in a 15-minute lower body workout video that her routine is her secret to gaining “a bubble butt without the chunky thighs,” as if telling the haters at the same time that she does not pay any heed to their comments.

| @christychung919/Instagram

Fans complimented her “incredible figure,” saying she’s a “forever goddess” who has their “dream body.” They were also quick to agree with her, adding that it is not “necessary to insult people like this” since “isn’t this much better than those who go under the knife so much, their faces become abnormal?”

She continues to post workout routines that her fans can follow to gain a body like hers.

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