“Abeoji? Daddy?” — ATINY Are Thirsting

“Abeoji? Daddy?” — ATINY Are Thirsting Hard Over ATEEZ’s CEO
“Abeoji? Daddy?” — ATINY Are Thirsting Hard Over ATEEZ’s CEO

We are also feeling very *eye emoji*.

With a group as handsome and talented as ATEEZ, picking just one to be your bias is hard.

And with how ATEEZ are known for being possessive of their fans and always watching to ensure no one’s eye strays, even looking at the group’s backup dancers could be difficult.

ATEEZ | @ATEEZofficial/X

However, an unexpected challenger has arisen — KQ Entertainment’s CEO!

Not much is known about KQ Entertainment’s CEO besides what the members mentioned. Fondly referred to as abeoji, or father, the CEO has done many things for the group, including buying gifts.

On April 18, ATEEZ visited the special KQ Entertainment pop-up at the GRAMMY Museum. Several days later, the GRAMMY Museum’s Instagram account updated with videos showing the members looking through the special exhibit.

In one video, KQ Entertainment’s CEO, Kim Kyu Wook (Kim Gyu Wook), is front and center as he gives a speech.

While he does look handsome here in his business wear, this just served as a way for fans to put a name to a face that appeared when ATEEZ attended the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball game.

An account that appears to be a fan of Dodgers player Shohei Otani posted about seeing ATEEZ in the parking lot before the game.

Along with the members of ATEEZ, their staff members, including the CEO, can be seen. The CEO is wearing much more casual streetwear and glasses, and the sharp cut of his jawline is easily seen despite the distance.

| @dodger_ticket/X
| @dodger_ticket/X

Once these images were shared, fans couldn’t help but express their shock at how the CEO looked.

Many were open with their thirst for the CEO, remarking on how everyone at KQ is good-looking!

While the CEO is a very handsome man, remember…

…Hongjoong is always watching!

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/abeoji-daddy-netizens-thirsting-hard-ateez-ceo-kq-entertainment/

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