“Zionist And Rape Apologist”: Stray Kids’

“Zionist And Rape Apologist”: Stray Kids’ Collab With Charlie Puth Sparks Divided Reactions

Stray Kids has announced their new digital single, which will be released on May 10.

Stray Kids | JYP Entertainment

The single is titled “Lose My Breath.” It features American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth.

The post went viral, with over 4M views at the time of writing on X (formerly Twitter). The announcement was met with mixed reactions, with some expressing shock and others even expressing disappointment.

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Some STAYs (Stray Kids fans) have planned to boycott the collaboration. They hope that a version of “Lose My Breath” will be released sans Charlie Puth.

The reason for the boycott is obviously due to Charlie Puth’s involvement. But why exactly? Charlie Puth is believed to be a Zionist, rape apologist, and more.

Charlie Puth
Charlie Puth | @charlieputh/X

Since October 7, 2023, more people have become increasingly aware of the ongoing Israel-Palestine war. According to The Ministry of Health in Gaza, the Palestinian death toll has risen to 33,843, with at least 76,575 injured due to Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip.

The statement noted that some victims remained under the rubble amid heavy bombardment and a lack of civil defense and ambulance crews.

— Xinhua

Yet, many have continued to “stand with Israel.” Charlie Puth’s family, including his sister, are known to be Zionists. For example, she posted the below.


Charlie Puth has continually shown where he stands with his social media activity. He liked a post by Stranger Things actor Noah Schnapp, who has been constantly voicing hateful rhetoric, including handing out “Zionism is sexy” stickers.


Like his sister, Charlie Puth has shared posts by other pro-Israel supporters and celebrities, including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Ben Platt. While he has yet to make a personal statement, by sharing others’ Zionist or “neutral” views, he has done so.



Charlie Puth has been an open supporter of Israel since 2015. Some netizens have stopped being fans of his since realizing his views.

| @puthmine/X

Not only Charlie Puth’s family but his friends are Zionists. Asaf Rodeh served not just as Puth’s music director and guitarist but also served in the IDF.

| @puthmine/X

Charlie Puth’s record label, Atlantic Records, posted a statement only in solidarity with Israel after October.


Charlie Puth’s views on these social issues aren’t new, as was evident from his 2015 post. Yet, he has also long been thought to be Islamophobic since 2016 based on a Facebook post he shared.


Whether you agree or disagree with Charlie Puth’s views, he has more problematic history. Some have referred to him as a “rape apologist” as he supported producer Dr. Luke over American pop star Kesha. She accused Dr. Luke of “sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally” abusing her since the beginning of their professional relationship, but he denied it.

Kesha v. Dr. Luke refers to a series of lawsuits and countersuits between the singer Kesha Rose Sebert and the music producer Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald. Sebert filed a civil suit against Gottwald in October 2014 for infliction of emotional distress, sex-based hate crimes and employment discrimination.

— Wikipedia




His old Facebook activity also indicates that he was a supporter of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who is known to be a problematic and controversial politician and businessman, as he too has been accused of sexual assault and more crimes.


Additionally, Puth shaded singer and actress Selena Gomez and Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall… just because they didn’t want to sleep with him. He and Gomez were originally friendly and even collaborated on the hit song “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”


#selenagomez #charlieputh #attention #selenatiktok

♬ Attention – Charlie Puth


Replying to @nikki_diaries91 #charlieputh has a history of making women uncomfortable #jadethrilwall and supporting #drluke during #kesha trial

♬ original sound – michelle | pop culture & ✨💄🍸


Charlie puth tries shading selena gomez bc she wouldnt get with him 💀

♬ original sound – Danny

STAYs have reacted differently to the information. Some plan to continue streaming Stray Kids’ new song, as Charlie Puth allegedly already got paid. So, the only people affected by the boycott would be Stray Kids.

Regardless, many STAYs have grown tired of JYP Entertainment‘s choices of collaborations for Stray Kids due to companies’ problematic ties. So, some still plan to boycott.

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