Zion.T’s Flooded Comment Section Following TWICE’s

Zion.T’s Flooded Comment Section Following TWICE’s Chaeyoung Dating News Irritates Netizens

The reason is not what you expect.

In a statement shared with media outlet Xportnews in early April, JYP Entertainment confirmed that TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and musician Zion.T were in a relationship, saying they were meeting with good feelings.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Original reports claimed the pair had been dating for around six months.

The two are meeting each other with good feelings. They are supporting each other.

— JYP Entertainment

As with any relationship announcement, there were mixed feelings as netizens discussed the age gap between the pair.

Korean Netizens React To TWICE Chaeyoung And Zion. T’s Alleged Relationship

However, Zion.T’s latest post’s comment section inspired some irritation from netizens for an unexpected reason.

Following the dating news, Zion.T made a post featuring himself and some random images, with some netizens saying they spotted a couple item in the photo.

While there were many hate comments and mixed reactions following the dating news on his older posts…




…many have left positive messages under this new post.




While this should have been a positive thing, some netizens gave a different perspective.

Many let their irritation be known with the comment section for only talking about Chaeyoung. Several comments stated that Zion.T was his own person and should not deal with constant comments, good or bad, about his relationship with Chaeyoung.





While positive reactions to the relationship are preferred, some ultimately want Zion.T to be respected for his musicality and for that to be the topic of his personal posts.

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/zion-t-comments-dating-twice-chaeyoung-irriates-netizens/

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