YOUNITE Shakes Up K-Pop Scene with

YOUNITE Shakes Up K-Pop Scene with ‘ANOTHER’ EP Tracklist Reveal

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In a bold move that’s sure to captivate the K-pop community, YOUNITE, the dynamic idol group hailing from Brand New Music, has officially unveiled the tracklist for their latest EP titled ‘ANOTHER’. This revelation, shared across their official social media channels on April 18, has sparked considerable excitement, offering fans a tantalizing glimpse into what they can anticipate from the group’s 6th EP.

‘ANOTHER’ promises a quintet of tracks, including the lead single ‘GEEKIN’, alongside ‘How We Do’, ‘Poco Loco’, ‘ONE+WON’, and ‘OMH (Out My Head)’, showcasing YOUNITE’s versatility and the depth of their musical prowess. The title track ‘GEEKIN’ is set to underscore YOUNITE’s signature blend of freedom and hipness, with an addictive chorus that lingers and rap verses by members YOUNITE Steve and YOUNITE Dey that are as impactful as they are stylish. The track is further complemented by a high-energy performance that elevates YOUNITE’s unique charm.

Delving deeper into the EP, each track unfolds a new facet of YOUNITE’s artistry. From ‘How We Do’, which positions the group as the coolest players at the party, to ‘Poco Loco’, a reinterpretation of retro hip-hop with a trendy twist, and ‘ONE+WON’, a hip-hop track that humorously captures YOUNITE’s audacious ambitions with YOUNITE Dey taking on the role of lyricist and YOUNITE KyungMun contributing to the melody. Not to be overlooked, ‘OMH (Out My Head)’, a house pop dance track that had previously garnered significant attention when it was pre-released during the group’s first fan concert, adds to the EP’s allure.

This meticulously crafted EP not only reinforces YOUNITE’s cohesive hip-hop sound but also highlights their refreshing vibrancy, setting the stage for ‘ANOTHER’ to leave a lasting impression on K-pop enthusiasts worldwide.

The anticipation for ‘ANOTHER’ reaches its peak with the announcement that YOUNITE will host a free public showcase at Banpo Hangang Park’s riverside stage on May 1, at 4 PM, just hours before the official release of the EP at 6 PM. This event promises fans an exclusive first look at the ‘GEEKIN’ performance, further heightening the excitement surrounding this release.

As YOUNITE prepares to chart new territories with ‘ANOTHER’, the K-pop scene watches with bated breath. This latest EP not only marks a significant milestone in their career but also reaffirms their status as innovators in the industry. With their unwavering dedication to their craft and a knack for pushing musical boundaries, YOUNITE is poised to captivate both old and new fans alike, making ‘ANOTHER’ an epochal moment in their journey. Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning of what promises to be an exhilarating new chapter for YOUNITE and their fans around the globe.


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