Video Ahead Of ENHYPEN’s First “Fate

Video Ahead Of ENHYPEN’s First “Fate Plus” US Concert Sparks Concerns

“ENHYPEN haven’t even landed yet…”

Footage ahead of ENHYPEN‘s first show in America has sparked concerns.


ENHYPEN are days away from starting the American leg of their Fate Plus tour.


On April 22 (local time), ENHYPEN were seen at Incheon Airport heading off to America.

One video has sparked concerns ahead of the concert, and it showed fans already queueing for the ENHYPEN show in Anaheim on Sunday 21 (local time) when the show isn’t until Wednesday 24.

When the video was shared online, netizens couldn’t hide their shock about what was happening.

In particular, with over three days until the show, netizens shared their feelings, whether it was the sheer confusion of lining up so far from the show, desires for seating next time, or the jokes about ENHYPEN “reacting” to the “smell” from fans who had been waiting.

In particular, at the time the video was posted, netizens pointed out that ENHYPEN hadn’t even left Korea to head to America.

While it’s not surprising that fans want the best views of ENHYPEN, it seems excessive.



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