UNIS’s Filipina Line Releases Much-Anticipated Dance

UNIS’s Filipina Line Releases Much-Anticipated Dance Challenge With Very Special Person

UNIS‘s Filipina-line, Gehlee and Elisia, had a dance challenge with a very special person! Fans have been requesting to see a collab with this person for a while now, and the girls totally delivered.

Who was it with? It was a challenge with none other than Marcus from all-Filipino K-Pop boy group HORI7ON.

What made this collab extra special is that Marcus is Elisia’s real life cousin!


Fans who saw the video called it the “TikTok collab of the year” and praised the cousins for being “all-rounders” as they’re skilled at both singing and dancing.

And the two have actually been dancing together for years now. They used to film videos of themselves performing, proving their great passion and talent. It goes to show that their love for performing goes way back.


Good luck to these three in their newfound K-Pop careers! Meanwhile, check out UNIS’ cover of a famous P-Pop song in the article below.

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