TXT Yeonjun Transforms into a Surprising

TXT Yeonjun Transforms into a Surprising Student on ‘Apartment 404’

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tvN’s popular variety show ‘Apartment 404’ has once again become the center of attention. In the broadcast on the 12th, a special school episode saw the residents transform into high school students, recreating the nostalgic way to school. This episode featured an unexpected guest, none other than TXT’s Yeonjun, which added more fun to the show.

The episode, which started with Jo Seho seemingly lost in deep memories, proceeded without Yang SeChan. Set against the backdrop of an apartment next to a school, this special episode had Jo Seho remarking, “It feels like we’ve gone back in time.” Then, TXT’s Yeonjun made a surprise appearance, elevating the atmosphere on set.

Yeonjun, fully immersed in the role-play, engaged in witty conversations with the residents, asking, “Do you know me? I’ve never seen you before? I don’t think I have a common face?” His appearance was as natural as any high school student’s, injecting a unique fun and vitality among the residents. Soon after, Yeonjun, pretending to be a new transfer student who was late, led everyone to the school.

This broadcast went beyond mere entertainment, successfully invoking nostalgia and providing new joy to its viewers. TXT Yeonjun’s surprise appearance once again showcased his limitless charm and versatility, proving ‘Apartment 404’ as a space of wonder and enjoyment.

Thus, ‘Apartment 404’ continues to offer fresh experiences to its viewers with various guests and innovative attempts every episode. The anticipation for what stories and fun the program will bring in the future is gathering. Will there be more surprising guest appearances like that of TXT Yeonjun? ‘Apartment 404’s next moves are attracting a lot of interest, stirring viewers’ expectations and curiosity.

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