TWICE’s Mina Is Going Viral For

TWICE’s Mina Is Going Viral For Her Visuals In Recent Appearance

“She’s the prettiest Japanese person I’ve ever seen.”

TWICE’s Mina has once again captivated the public with her stunning appearance. The star recently attended the ROKH x H&M event, sharing the spotlight with fellow bandmate Chaeyoung and a host of other celebrities.

mina hm 2

However, it was Mina’s visuals that became a hot topic, leading to a viral sensation across social platforms.

mina hm 1

Donning a chic, strapless beige jumpsuit adorned with an array of symmetrically arranged buttons and a tasteful belt accentuating her waist, Mina exuded a blend of modern fashion sensibility with a classic silhouette. The outfit featured a long, flowing trouser design that offered a glimpse of her statement white heels, which added an unexpected twist to her look.

mina hm 4

mina hm 3

Her hair cascaded in glossy waves, framing her face perfectly and enhancing her ethereal look. For makeup, Mina seemingly chose a subtle approach with luminous skin, a soft blush, and delicate, nude lips, highlighting her natural beauty and further embellishing her doll-like features.

mina hm

Mina’s beauty was not lost on netizens, who quickly took to various community sites to express their admiration. A particular post on Pann Nate garnered over 95,000 views, more than 230 likes, and 76 comments. The praise for her visuals was neverending and overflowing the most-liked comment section.

  • “Seriously, she’s absolutely stunning.”
  • “In my opinion, she’s the prettiest Japanese person I’ve ever seen.”
  • “Mina has really never looked anything but beautiful, it seems.”
  • “Because of her long-term ballet, she appears fragile yet elegant, upright, and sturdy.”
  • “Doesn’t she have a unique atmosphere similar to Kwon Jin Ah? Like it’s half air, half sound.”
Screenshot 2024-04-13 130939
| Pann Nate



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