TWICE Chaeyoung’s Ideal Type Resurfaces After

TWICE Chaeyoung’s Ideal Type Resurfaces After Dating News

She is dating Zion. T.

Recently, it was confirmed that TWICE’s Chaeyoung is in a relationship with soloist Zion. T.

JYP Entertainment Confirms TWICE’s Chaeyoung And Zion.T Are Dating

Many fans readily congratulated the star on her happy relationship. They also spotlighted a past mention of her ideal type. Chaeyoung once state that she likes slim guys with a “slightly sickly look.

She commented that her ideal type would have a skinny build like Timothée Chalamet.

The “sick beauty” is a real term in South Korea, where people use it to refer to people who look frail and weak in a good way. This has been associated with stars such as DAWN and Dane DeHaan.

Dane DeHaan. | Pinterest

Zion. T certainly fits the bill!

Zion. T

It was reported that the two have been dating for around half a year. They were introduced by a mutual, maintaining a senior-junior relationship before progressing into romance.



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