Turned Coachella Into Music Bank” —

Turned Coachella Into Music Bank” — Korean Netizens Criticize LE SSERAFIM’s AR Performance At “Coachella 2024

This is their second weekend there.

LE SSERAFIM performed their second weekend at Coachella 2024. The pressure was high due to the large waves of criticism that followed their performance during the first weekend. Although they seemed to be performing better, viewers quickly realized that they had turned up their backing tracks (AR track) in order to stabilize their performance. International audiences have already cracked down on the group, accusing them of lipsyncing.

Netizens Accuse LE SSERAFIM Of Lip Syncing During “Coachella” Weekend 2

For Korean audiences, the absolute horror came with the song “Smart.” Korean netizens noted that the girls performed the song with an AR track, comparing it to local performances at music shows. Although they attempted to sing live to certain lives, girls completely did not sing many of the chorus parts, simply lip-syncing to the AR track.

Given that “Smart” is considered one of the group’s more easy-listening tunes, netizens were sorely disappointed at the decision to use an AR track and lipsync to the music.

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  • If they’re going to do that, why did they perform at Coachella? There’s nothing different from music shows.
  • It’s not that they didn’t sing because they didn’t want to, but because they can’t.
  • Wow, is that AR? ARs these days also include breathing sounds. (“AR Lives” are backtracks that are purposely recorded to mimic a live performance, including sounds such as breathing.)
  • They just turned down the microphones apart from the AR LOL.
  • I’m just crying at this point… Okay, have strength kids! What can we do if you just can’t pull it off?
  • Well, if they can’t cancel, then isn’t this better? How can they perform live after hearing that they can’t sing, that they’re not up to par, that they sound like goats, that they’re just screaming, etc?
  • Why did they even go to Coachella?
  • *silence*

Coachella is known for their live performances, where festival-goers can soak up the vibes and enjoy the dynamic shows. As such, many are disappointed that LE SSERAFIM decided to take “the easy way out” to avoid more criticism.


Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/korean-netizens-accuse-le-sserafim-ar-backtrack-smarter-coachella/

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