Trot singer Punggeum’s love worries, even

Trot singer Punggeum’s love worries, even Seo JangHoon is taken aback

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Life as a trot singer can undoubtedly be glamorous, but personal worries are something anyone can have. Recently, trot singer Punggeum revealed his concerns about love on “KBS JOY ‘Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller'”, drawing attention. Punggeum, who revealed himself as a 17-year veteran singer, lamented that despite wanting to date, his busy schedule and shy personality have made it difficult to get close to people.

Punggeum’s last relationship was about 5 years ago, of which the actual time spent together was only a year. He spent most of the time apart due to the other person’s study abroad and military service issues and eventually received a breakup notice over the phone. When asked about his ideal type, he answered, “Someone with sharp eyes like Jang DongGun, and taller than 179cm,” adding that he would prefer someone without debts, which made everyone burst into laughter.

However, Punggeum’s biggest concern is obsession. The constant attention and obsession from a lover have made him averse to dating itself. Seo JangHoon responded, “Then you should live alone. If it’s hard to meet someone, how can you date,” leaving a straightforward piece of advice. Punggeum’s concerns have resonated with many, representing the hearts of everyone trying to find a balance between love, work, and themselves.

Despite Seo JangHoon’s candid advice, Punggeum’s worries about love have caught the interest of many. The appearance of trot singers experiencing personal worries despite their glamorous life shows that they are no different from us. Looking forward, many are interested in Punggeum’s journey to find his own love, hoping for his happiness in both his music and personal life.


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