TREASURE Hyunsuk’s Appearance Change Leads To

TREASURE Hyunsuk’s Appearance Change Leads To Allegations Of “Copying” BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

“It’s a real barrier to becoming a fan.”

Because of the huge part visuals play in K-Pop, it is not shocking when a change becomes a hot topic. For example, aespa‘s Karina remained on netizens’ minds after trying out blond hair for the first time…

aespa’s Karina

…and Stray KidsHyunjin‘s (sadly) temporary eyebrow piercing.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin

Last year, TREASURE Hyunsuk‘s appearance change became a hot topic for many online after many realized how much he had changed.

The idol often played with different styles, including fashion choices and hair color.


From July 2023 to December 2023, Hyunsuk made a series of changes that altered his appearance drastically, including a labret piercing. After the group’s first night of their REBOOT In Seoul Concert, his appearance became a hot topic online as fans defended the idol.

july 2023


Now, his most recent appearance change has yielded some allegations that he is “copying” other idols from his label.

On April 10, the Asia Star Entertainer Awards 2024 took place for the first time in Japan, honoring many artists at the brand-new award show.

A Look At All The Winners Of The “Asia Star Entertainer Awards 2024”

TREASURE were in attendance and took home two awards for “Best Hip-Hop” and “Best Touring Artist.”


Before his departure to Japan, Hyunsuk hid his hair, which meant most were shocked when the idol debuted bright, neon green hair at the awards show. He stood out from the other members of the group, who sported more “traditional” idol looks.



| @ygtreasuremaker/X

While fans embraced the new look, others were less than positive.

In an online forum post titled “Why is TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Like That,” a netizen questioned the idol’s visuals regarding his appearance, with commenters stating it felt like he was copying YG Entertainment alumni G-Dragon and WINNER‘s Mino.


  • I’m a YG fan and how should I put this…Hyunsuk looks like he wants to have the same vibe as GD and Song Mino.  With GD and Song Mino, their styling seemed fitting and not overdone, but with Hyun Suk, it feels excessive. Instead of thinking that fans dislike it for no reason, maybe it’s worth considering whether he suits that style or not.
  • TBH, I’ve given up on him dressing up, but I hoped he’d at least say words correctly and stop ad-libbing when performing on stage… Every time he performs, he ad-libs excessively, and his dancing is also all over the place. I heard that he got scolded because his dance lines were different from others’, but instead of just watching the director, I wish he could have practiced with the group and adjusted them a bit.
  • Even Song Mino was criticized for mimicking G-Dragon too much, saying he sounded like a copycat. But he [Hyunsuk] doesn’t have the same skills as Song Mino, so it just comes off as pretentious… Also, when Song Mino was active in his group, he at least tried to to match himself with the group as much as possible. He usually only styled like this for his solo activities.
  • Lip piercing, hairstyle… everything reminds me of someone else. Is that what he wants, to look like someone else…?! But it really doesn’t suit him, and it’s cringy, but he continues with these kinds of unflattering looks
  • Seriously, everyone hates this… It’s a real barrier to becoming a fan

G-Dragon and Mino experimented with their visuals over the years, straying from the perceived image of a K-Pop idol. In particular, these comments seem to consider G-Dragon’s green hair and Mino’s many piercings, including his lip.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon
WINNER’s Song Mino

G-Dragon, in particular, was often accused of cultural appropriation, which Hyunsuk has also experienced on multiple and recent occasions.

| YG Entertainment



With how all three idols debuted under YG Entertainment, some style choices are expected to overlap but netizens seem to view this unfavorably in this case.

Hyunsuk is known for his outspoken personality and ability to stand up for himself, which you can read below.

TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Calls Out Anti-Fan During Live Broadcast


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