“Transit Love 3” Final Episode: Anticipation

“Transit Love 3” Final Episode: Anticipation Rises for the Screening Event with Fans

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The Tving original series “Transit Love 3” has finally come to a grand finale, and a special meeting with fans is being anticipated. This season gathered huge attention due to the participation of veteran panelists such as Jeong GiSeok, lee yongjin, Kim YeWon, and Yura, as well as the guests who shone in each episode. In particular, the panelists’ immersive reactions and the unpredictable developments made viewers unable to miss an episode.

Jeong GiSeok became the official ‘King of Tears’ by revealing a deep range of emotions, while lee yongjin’s ‘laughter button’, Kim YeWon’s ’empathy button’, and Yura’s ‘rich in expressions’ added indispensable fun to the series. Guests including Kim MinKyu, ZEROBASEONE Seok Matthew, Yuju, WEi Kim YoHan, and Kim JiYeon formed a deep empathy with the viewers with their unique reactions.

The final episode screening event, which will conclude this season, is scheduled to be held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall on the 19th at 2 PM. Jeong GiSeok, Kim YeWon, and Yura will attend in person to share the moment of final choice with the fans, and the event is expected to offer an even more special experience by being held simultaneously with the final episode live streaming.

“Transit Love 3” was a season filled with the passionate enthusiasm of both the panelists and the viewers. We express our deepest gratitude to all ‘Transit Friends’ who have been with us with unwavering support and interest until the end. Through this final episode screening event, we look forward to a more meaningful conclusion and also raise our expectations for the next season of the “Transit Love” series.

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