This summer, a new movie that

This summer, a new movie that stirs emotions, “Wonderland,” is ready to capture the hearts of its audience

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Directed by Kim Tae-yong, the film tells a special story of reuniting with lost love through a video call service “Wonderland,” which restores loved ones through artificial intelligence. The character stills and teaser trailers already released have heightened prospective viewers’ expectations by showcasing the main characters, including Bai Li (played by Tang Wei), Jeong In (Suzy), Tae Joo (Park BoGum), Haeri (Jung YuMi), and Hyun Soo (Choi WooShik), using the “Wonderland” service.

The unique teaser trailer, which applies a brand advertisement concept, has captured the diverse emotions experienced by “Wonderland” service users in a realistic manner, stimulating many people’s empathy and curiosity. Prospective viewers expressed their emotions just by watching the trailer, eagerly sharing their excitement and anticipation for the movie’s release through social media and online communities.

“Wonderland” is also gathering attention for its star-studded cast, including Tang Wei, Suzy, Park BoGum, Jung YuMi, and Choi WooShik, who are currently representing Korea. Additionally, with a special appearance by Gong Yoo, each actor is expected to bring life to the film with their unique charm and excellent acting skills, already generating a hot response from fans both domestically and internationally.

Director Kim Tae-yong, who has already been recognized for his delicate and robust directing skills through works like “Family Ties” and “Late Autumn,” has raised expectations even higher for “Wonderland.” There is much anticipation for the new emotions and messages he will convey to the audience, and how his directing will enrich and deepen this story.

Set to be released on June 5, 2024, “Wonderland” is fully prepared to meet its audience. Through a warm story about love, reunion, and memory, it is expected to bring a new wave of sentiment to the theaters this summer. Keep an ear out for more news about what special experiences “Wonderland” will offer.


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