Third-Generation K-Pop Group Gains Attention For

Third-Generation K-Pop Group Gains Attention For Their Live Encore Amid Idols’ Live Vocals Controversy

“It’s been so long since I’ve seen such a perfect group…”

There has been a huge discourse around K-Pop idols’ live vocals, especially when it comes to encores on music shows, as many groups have been criticized for their performances.

One group that has been praised after getting their second-ever music show win is ONF.

The members of ONF | @wm_on7off/Twitter

The group recently had a comeback with “Bye My Monster,” and it unsurprisingly gained attention from fans and netizens worldwide. On April 16, they showed off their talent by performing on The Show where they were also nominated for first place.

Netizens couldn’t hide their emotions when it was announced that ONF had won first place.


Although ONF got their first win with “Beautiful Beautiful” in 2020, this was unsurprisingly emotional for many reasons. Not only was it the first time winning in front of crowds, as their first win was during the pandemic, but it was their first win since all the members were discharged.

This meant that netizens weren’t surprised when Seungjun was crying during his speech, and E-Tion was also seen as emotional during the speeches.

Despite all the emotions and Hyojin being ill, the members combined humor, graciousness, and talent for their encore. All the members made sure to thank FUSE but also sang their hearts out.

When the video was posted, netizens couldn’t get over how good ONF’s performance was. Although the members were obviously emotional, fans praised them for still producing amazing skills, from the vocals to rapping and interacting with the fans. Many even wished ONF would win more so they could watch more encores from the members.




  • I didn’t know they could sing high notes so well. They’re really good. (I’m commenting after watching the live broadcast and the uploaded video).
  • Wow, they’re so good! The emotion of crying while doing a raw live encore is so touching;;;;;
  • Though it’s a bit late, I waited for ONF’s encore after their first place win on ‘Music Core.’ 😂 They really sang so well…
  • Because they sing so well, they feel pressured and worried about what others think. But when they sing freely, expressing their joy and emotions, it’s even more touching for the audience.
  • They’re good at encores. I wish they had more first-place wins so we could see more encores.
  • Seeing things like this makes it hard to believe the excuse of not being able to sing is due to crying; it seems like just an excuse. They’re really talented!

Even in the YouTube comments, netizens found the encore refreshing and shared their love for ONF.


  • I’m sorry for constantly comparing with different groups while praising, but it’s been so long since I’ve seen such a perfect group with members’ vocals, rap, and performance all perfect. Even if they sing live with a trembling voice, it’s this level.
  • The ONF members crying is so touching…. I hope they can also achieve first place on mainstream TV. As expected, they perform well, even live…

As always, ONF never fails to impress fans with their talent, and their latest comeback is showing netizens they shouldn’t be slept on.

Source: The K-Pop and theqoo


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