The star casting for “The Fiery

The star casting for “The Fiery Priest 2” has been confirmed, raising expectations

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SBS’s new drama “The Fiery Priest 2” has become the center of attention. With Kim NamGil, Lee HaNui, Kim SungKyun, and singer-actress Kim HyungSeo (BIBI) confirming their appearance, anticipation for this drama, scheduled to broadcast in the second half of 2024, is high. “The Fiery Priest 2” is a comedic investigation drama that follows the hot-blooded priest Kim HaeIl, who possesses a fiery temper and a burning sense of justice, as he heads to Busan to track down a drug case. Alongside Busan’s drug squad detective Koo JaYoung, they form the ‘Crime Avengers’ to take down a major cartel in an epic showdown.

As a sequel to “The Fiery Priest,” which hit a mega-success with a peak viewership rating of 24% during its 2019 broadcast, there was an overwhelming request for the production of season 2 as soon as it aired. Returning after five years, “The Fiery Priest 2” promises a unique synergy with the original leads and new character Kim HyungSeo (BIBI). Kim NamGil continues his role as the hot-blooded Catholic priest Kim HaeIl, with Lee HaNui and Kim SungKyun also continuing their acclaimed performances. Singer-actress Kim HyungSeo (BIBI) joins as the passionate Busan drug team detective Koo JaYoung, attempting a fresh transformation from her previous heavy and dark roles.

The collaboration between director Park BoRam and writer Jay Park also draws significant attention. Reuniting after the success of “The Fiery Priest,” they are expected to complete the “Kim NamGil-style hit investigation drama trilogy,” with writer Jay Park planning to add dopamine with his immersive storytelling.

The production team announced, “Expect ‘The Fiery Priest 2’ to be upgraded in every aspect, including a wilder setting, laughter, action, and crime narrative. We ask for your interest in the acting synergy of Kim NamGil, Lee HaNui, Kim SungKyun, and the energetic performance of new character Kim HyungSeo (BIBI).” “The Fiery Priest 2” is raising expectations not only among existing fans but also new viewers, positioning it as one of the most anticipated works of the second half of 2024.


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