The rise of PLAVE, a new

The rise of PLAVE, a new face in the K-POP industry, is a remarkable story of growth within the constantly evolving K-POP landscape

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At a press conference held at the Amanti Hotel in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Blast’s CEO Lee Sung-gu openly discussed the success of PLAVE and the challenges that lay beneath it. Since their debut in March last year, PLAVE has achieved dazzling success in the music industry, capturing the attention of fans and industry insiders alike. True to their name, a combination of ‘Play’ and ‘Rêve’ (French for ‘dream’), they are creating a new world to realize their dreams.

Within just a year of their debut, PLAVE has managed to clinch the number one spot on MBC’s ‘Show! Music Core’ and overcome strong competitors on the music charts, marking a noticeable success. This success was built on the formation of a strong fandom and the passionate support of their fans. Furthermore, their first fan concert sold out all seats from the pre-sale stage, proving their popularity.

However, behind the success lies several challenges. As a relatively small company, Blast faces the task of keeping up with their growth pace, including internal structure adjustments, risk management, and securing a stable revenue model. Amid these challenges, CEO Lee Sung-gu is exploring various strategies, including overseas expansion, and is solving problems with the support of major corporations like HYBE and YG PLUS.

The side effects of success have also emerged. Issues have arisen due to fans’ excessive attention and regrets regarding fan concert operations, but CEO Lee has shown a determination to solve these problems gradually. He also plans to strengthen communication with fans, listen to the fandom’s voice, and create a shared future.

The story of PLAVE showcases the new possibilities within the K-POP industry, and there is a growing anticipation for the new stories they will write. Watching PLAVE grow with their fans and forge a new path in K-POP is certainly something to look forward to.


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