The reunion of BIGBANG DaeSung and

The reunion of BIGBANG DaeSung and Jang HyunSeung after 20 years has been gathering attention

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On the YouTube channel “Outside DaeSung’s House,” these two singers met after a long time and had a heartfelt conversation. DaeSung, through his YouTube content, recalled the difficult moments during his trainee days and reminisced about those times with Jang HyunSeung.

The two confessed that they were able to have a proper conversation for the first time in almost 20 years, openly discussing the hardships of their trainee days. DaeSung explained the situation at the time, saying, “As trainees, we couldn’t talk about our real feelings,” while Jang HyunSeung shared the pressure he felt during his trainee days. In particular, Jang HyunSeung recalled, “It was like being stabbed with a knife. I even heard things like ‘Your dance is like using chopsticks.'”

DaeSung also empathized with the difficulties of being a trainee, revealing, “I came in with singing, and it seemed like I would be cut because of my singing. What I heard at the audition seemed to be the best I did.” He reflected on the past, saying, “Because there was no trainee contract, every day was unstable.”

The stories of DaeSung and Jang HyunSeung overcoming the difficulties of their trainee days and achieving success are inspiring many. Their honest confessions reveal the realities of trainee life and show how passion and perseverance can help fulfill dreams.

This conversation has raised expectations for what activities DaeSung and Jang HyunSeung will undertake in the future, making people look forward to seeing what new aspects they will show.


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