The Return of Ma DongSeok Opens

The Return of Ma DongSeok Opens a New Horizon of Action in The Outlaws 4

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The Outlaws 4 returns with evolved action and story on the boundary of crime and justice, gathering high expectations from the audience. This installment is reported to highlight deeper narratives of characters along with Ma DongSeok’s unique overwhelming action.

At a press conference held in Gangnam, Seoul, on the 15th, starring actors Ma DongSeok, Kim Mu-yeol, Park Ji-hwan, Lee DongHwi, along with director Heo Myeong-haeng, shared various stories about the film. The fourth story of The Outlaws series focuses on the struggle to bring down a massive online illegal gambling organization.

The Outlaws 4 introduces a double villain, attempting a new variation in the action genre. The contrast between Ma DongSeok’s powerful punches and Kim Mu-yeol’s sharp swordsmanship action, along with confrontations with new villain characters, provides a differentiated tension from the previous series. Additionally, the introduction of new characters adds freshness to the story, and Ma DongSeok’s black comedy continues to inject vitality into the film.

Ma DongSeok continues to exert a strong presence in this film, with Kim Mu-yeol and Lee DongHwi adding new light to their characters. Especially, Lee DongHwi is expected to surprise the audience with a new image different from his previous ones.

The Outlaws 4 goes beyond the conventional good versus evil confrontation, posing various issues of modern society and providing food for thought to the audience. Through this film, Ma DongSeok questions what kind of message the narrative of good triumphing over evil, born out of contemplation and discussion, can deliver to the audience.

Scheduled to be released on the 24th, The Outlaws 4 is ready to greet the audience with new action and stories surpassing the series so far. It remains to be seen what kind of response this installment will evoke from not only existing fans but also new viewers. Get ready to dive into the world of The Outlaws 4 once again.


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