The musical “The Curious Case of

The musical “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button,” produced by EMK Musical Company, has heightened anticipation with the release of a sketch video on April 17, 2024

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This video showcases the main cast members, including Kim Jae-bum, Shim Chang-min, and Kim Seong-sik in their roles as Benjamin Button, transforming into a variety of characters during a profile photo shoot. From Benjamin Button to Blue Lou Monier, portrayed by Kim So-hyang, Park Eun-mi, and Lee Areum-sol, the unique charm of the actors and the lively music together offer a visual feast.

In the video, the actors breathe life into their characters by expressing a range of emotions in a space reminiscent of a 1920s jazz club. Notably, Kim Jae-bum, Shim Chang-min, and Kim Seong-sik, as Benjamin Button, delicately reveal the character’s complex emotional layers, leaving a strong impression. Additionally, Kim So-hyang, Park Eun-mi, and Lee Areum-sol elevate the mood of the musical with their singing performances as Blue Lou Monier.

“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is a new musical for 2024 by EMK, based on the short story of the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The musical is directed and written by Jo Gwang-hwa, who has previously produced masterpieces such as “Werther” and “Seopyeonje,” with Lee Nao providing emotional music. Moreover, the unique atmosphere of “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is expected to be created through the stage design and objet d’art by Jung Seung-ho and Moon Su-ho.

The musical is scheduled to be performed at the Sejong M Theater in Seoul from May 11 to June 30. The passion of the actors and their love for the work revealed in the sketch video are generating even more excitement among the audience. “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button” is ready to captivate audiences with its unique charm, distinct from other musicals. The anticipation for the new experiences the production will offer and the brilliant performances by the actors on stage is high.


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