The Male Idol Who Was Caught

The Male Idol Who Was Caught Dating Three Women At Once

They all thought they were in exclusive relationships.

Japanese singer-songwriter Yuuri dated three women at once and was eventually exposed for it.

Yuuri | @yuuri__music__official/Instagram

One of the women happened to be a member of the idol group Juice=Juice, Takagi Sayuki.

Takagi Sayuki | Hello Project

Their relationship was revealed in February 2021 with a picture of them out on a date outside.

| Bunshun Online

It was said that they were serious enough that they were already partially living together.


Despite being in this stage of their relationship, the man was apparently still looking for more women to be intimate with. According to Bunshun, Yuuri was dating two other women at the same time as when he was with Sayuki. All of them believed they were in exclusive relationships.

He asked one of the other women out through an Instagram private message while the other was via a drinking party. They started casual relationships before he decided to put labels, with the second one sharing that he asked her, “I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about you…if I said I liked you, would you go out with me? It’s not for the sex or whatever, but what if we started dating?”

| @yuuri__music__official/Instagram

Both noticed red flags appearing months into their relationships such as dates being cancelled last minute and finding female belongings in his home after they stayed the night. This included hair brushes, hair irons, underwear, and more. One of them even noticed her facial cleanser being half empty just ten days after she left the bottle in his bathroom.

Netizens were quick to criticize Juice=Juice member Sayuki following the revelation of her dating life, saying that she was “lacking awareness as a member.” Due to the backlash that she faced, she left the group in February 2021 and had her contract terminated in April 2021.

Juice=Juice | Hello Project

Yuuri, meanwhile, was not penalized by his company and continued to have a successful career.

He is now famous for singing songs such as “Dry Flower,” “Betelgeuse,” and “Shutter.”

Source: Tokyo Hive (1) and (2), X and Bunshun

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