The icon of Korea, singer IU,

The icon of Korea, singer IU, shared deep emotions with fans through her social media channels after concluding the glamorous finale of her world tour ‘H.E.R’ in Taipei on the 6th and 7th

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IU posted several photos capturing moments from the concert along with a heartfelt message saying, “Miss you already, H.E.R concert in Taipei”. These photos showcased IU’s pure yet glamorous visuals, captivating fans with various looks on stage and in the dressing room.

The Taipei concert was part of IU’s world tour ‘H.E.R’, held successfully at the Taipei Arena. During the concert, IU belted out her hit songs, spending special moments with the audience. IU’s performance in Taipei was highly praised for her excellent stage manner, singing ability, and deep interaction with the fans.

After the concert, IU expressed her gratitude to the fans, saying, “The time spent in Taipei was so precious and happy.” She also promised, “I will do my best to present wonderful stages in the remaining world tour performances.” IU’s world tour has been evaluated as an opportunity to further solidify her position as a global artist.

The news of IU’s concert and the shared photos have become a hot topic among fans, with growing anticipation for her next activities. IU’s continuous growth and journey as an artist inspire many, drawing keen interest in her future endeavors.

IU’s world tour ‘H.E.R’ is ongoing, expected to create more meaningful moments through meetings with fans worldwide. The music and stages IU presents, along with the communication between her and the fans, are anticipated to continue delivering love and emotions to many.


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