The glamorous return of the divorced

The glamorous return of the divorced singles, ‘Dol Singles 5’ unfolds a war of love in Jeju Island

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MBN’s flagship reality show ‘Dol Singles’ will raise the curtain for Season 5 on May 9th at 10:20 PM. This season, centered around ‘MZ generation divorced singles born in the 90s’, promises a hotter-than-ever love battle, stirring anticipation among viewers.

‘Dol Singles’ is a program that captures the journey of returning singles as they find true love through honest stories, fearless romance, and a thrilling cohabitation process. It has garnered much love and been a topic of conversation with each season. Notably, previous seasons featured relatable couples’ stories, including the dramatic reunion and marriage of Yoon Namgi X Lee DaEun, and the realistic relationships of Jerome X Benita, Jimi X Heejin.

This season’s ‘Dol Singles 5’, set in Jeju Island, will be led once again by beloved MCs from previous seasons, including Lee HyeYoung, Yoo Seyoon, Lee JiHye, Eun JiWon, Austin Kang. According to the first teaser, this season’s participants boast exceptional visuals and physical fitness, with cast members shocked by the beauty, commenting, “This season, everyone is so pretty, it’s surprising.”

The production team has described the season as a bold flirting battle to win over the desired partner, sharp competition against rivals, and raw love triangles, promising “an unprecedented level of dopamine compared to any other season,” further raising viewers’ expectations.

‘Dol Singles 5’ explores the confident and passionate love battles of MZ generation divorced men and women, investigating new forms and possibilities of love. The story of these individuals unfolding amidst the beautiful scenery of Jeju Island, drawing keen interest in what new relationships and emotions will be depicted.

Thus, ‘Dol Singles 5’ has already become a hot topic before its broadcast, heating up the upcoming May nights. The journey of divorced singles in search of love is eagerly anticipated.


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