The Filipino Song BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Listens

The Filipino Song BABYMONSTER’s Ahyeon Listens To On The Way To Work

You’ll want to add it to your playlist!

BABYMONSTER‘s Ahyeon has a song recommendation for fans, and it’s from a popular Filipino artist! It caught Filipinos by surprise, but they quickly understood why she enjoys it.

Ahyeon | Weverse

Recently on Weverse, the “SHEESH” singer shared that she was on the way to work, and the song she was listening to was none other than Zack Tabudlo‘s “Give Me Your Forever.”

Filipino fans couldn’t believe their eyes upon seeing her post, exclaiming that they were “winning.” They encouraged others to give it a listen, describing it as a “good song” and “one of their favorite songs.

They also didn’t miss the opportunity to make a wish, manifesting that Ahyeon would cover the song!

“Give Me Your Forever” may have been released two years ago, but it’s still well-loved for good reason. The lyrics are sweet and heartwarming, not to mention the melody is easy to get hooked on.

Zack Tabudlo | @zack.tabudlo

Here’s to hoping the BABYMONSTER member will sing it one day!

| Weverse


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