The “Earth Arcade” spin-off, “DduiDdui BbangBbang,”

The “Earth Arcade” spin-off, “DduiDdui BbangBbang,” is soon to be broadcasted, marking the beginning of a new journey

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The four members of “Earth Arcade,” including Lee EunJi, OH MY GIRL Mimi, Lee YoungJi, and IVE An YuJin, have finished filming the spin-off “DduiDdui BbangBbang” and will soon appear before the audience. The team completed a successful 3-night 4-day shoot in Gangwon Chuncheon and Gyeonggi Gapyeong on the 17th. “Earth Arcade,” a unique variety show that transcends time and space, has gained popularity, and with the addition of Na YoungSeok PD’s touch, expectations are high. This spin-off, “DduiDdui BbangBbang,” will present a new charm by documenting domestic travel and the members’ process of obtaining their driver’s licenses.

In a situation where the production of Season 3 has been somewhat delayed, the release of this spin-off has heightened fans’ expectations through spoilers directly from the members and Na YoungSeok PD. Notably, among the members who do not have a driver’s license, the first person to acquire one will be in charge of driving. Lee YoungJi recently teased on a spoiler live broadcast, revealing the cast in a sauna and saying, “Whether we drove to Gangwon Chuncheon or took the KTX will be confirmed through the broadcast,” arousing curiosity.

“DduiDdui BbangBbang” is scheduled to air on tvN in the first half of this year. After only appearing on the YouTube channel following Season 2, the members are gathering expectations as they meet with viewers again through tvN. Fans of “Earth Arcade” and variety show enthusiasts are keenly focused on what new content they will present to entertain and amuse the audience once more.

Thus, the “Earth Arcade” spin-off “DduiDdui BbangBbang” is garnering significant attention for various reasons. The new sides of the members and the diverse episodes they experience during their domestic travels will undoubtedly provide fresh fun for the viewers. Many are looking forward to news and updates about this program that will soon be broadcasted.


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