The curtain rises on a splendid

The curtain rises on a splendid tale of revenge

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MBC’s new daily drama “Brave YongSooJeong” is set to premiere on May 6th at 7:05 PM. The drama, a collaborative effort by writer Choi YeonGeol and directors Lee MinSoo and Kim MiSook, features Um HyunKyung, Seo JunYoung, Im JooEun, and Kwon HwaWoon in leading roles, generating considerable anticipation. The recently released second teaser video heightens viewers’ curiosity by foreshadowing the unexpected crises faced by “Brave YongSooJeong” and the characters surrounding them.

The teaser begins with the tense situations of Hwang JaeRim (played by Kim YongRim) discovering the hidden birth secret of MaSung Group and Lee YoungAe (played by Yang JeongA) being kidnapped while pregnant and attempting to flee. It then moves to scenes of the protagonist YongSooJeong (played by Um HyunKyung) trembling in front of a gun, followed by a series of incidents including traffic accidents and fires, thereby increasing the tension. The chilling gaze of Choi HyeRa (played by Im JooEun), along with the opposition between Yeo UiJoo (played by Seo JunYoung) and Joo WooJin (played by Kwon HwaWoon), captures the complex relationships and intensifies curiosity about the events that will unfold.

A notable aspect of the teaser is the phrase, “I will return everything you took from me.” This statement, along with the determined expression of YongSooJeong filled with tears and venom, hints at the beginning of the revenge drama. “Brave YongSooJeong” thus arouses curiosity about why the protagonists dream of revenge and what their reasons might be, making the audience eagerly await the first broadcast.

The romance-revenge drama featuring YongSooJeong, who dreams of becoming a modern-day tycoon, and her miserly yet tenacious partner Yeo UiJoo, is set to offer a new taste of vengeance to viewers in May. The outcome of their revenge and the passionate story that unfolds in the process are highly anticipated. The first broadcast of “Brave YongSooJeong” signals the start of a thrilling journey intertwined with revenge, justice, and love.


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