The comedy movie “Pilot,” which has

The comedy movie “Pilot,” which has become a topic of conversation in Seoul, is set to meet the audience on July 31, as announced by Lotte Entertainment

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The film tells the delightful story of the main character, Han JungWoo (played by Jo JungSuk), a star pilot who, after suddenly losing his job, successfully reinvents himself and secures re-employment. The cast, including Lee JooMyung, Han SunHwa, and Shin SeungHo, enriches the story further.

The recently released trailer features a scene where the protagonist, Han JungWoo, perfectly transforms into “Han JungMi” by cross-dressing, promising to elicit plenty of laughter from the audience. The film is directed by Kim HanGyeol, who directed “The Most Ordinary Romance,” and is garnering high expectations.

This leading role marks Jo JungSuk’s return to the big screen approximately five years after the blockbuster “EXIT” (2019), which attracted 9.42 million viewers. Since then, he has been building his acting skills through appearances in various works, including “Hospital Playlist,” “Captivating The King,” the musical “Hedwig,” and others.

The release of “Pilot” is highly anticipated not only by fans of Jo JungSuk but also by domestic and international comedy movie fans. There is growing excitement to see what new forms of laughter and emotion the film will bring, and how Jo JungSuk’s transformation will unveil new charms. The movie theaters in July are expected to heat up even more.


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