The chilly return of mystery awaits

The chilly return of mystery awaits as “Girls’ High School Mystery Class 3” is set to captivate mystery enthusiasts once again on the 26th

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The Tving original series is opening its curtains with a new teaser video. This season features Park JiYoon, Jang DoYeon, JaeJae, BIBI, and Choi YeNa unraveling complex and mysterious cases. The blood-curdling deductions set against the backdrop of a cursed school stir up the viewers’ curiosity.

The teaser video conveys the eerie atmosphere of the school, starting from urban legends tied to the new student, to the strange sounds and ominous incidents occurring there. The sight of the mystery club members venturing into the darkness filled with doubt, along with the sinister forewarnings of an unidentified entity, sends shivers down the spine.

This season shines with the members’ solid chemistry and in-depth storytelling amidst unraveling a 20-year-old secret, further illuminating the series’ world. The “High School Mystery Club” series has received unparalleled love among Tving’s original variety shows, and “Girls’ High School Mystery Class 3,” fueled by this affection, returns with an upgraded look.

With just the teaser video raising anticipation, “Girls’ High School Mystery Class 3” promises to delve into enigmatic cases. How the mystery club members will solve these cases is highly anticipated. Furthermore, their adventures might herald a new wave of mystery mania in 2024.

The first broadcast of “Girls’ High School Mystery Class 3” is exclusively set to premiere on Tving on the 26th. The anticipation and curiosity for what stories this season will unfold and what new charms it will offer are growing among all who love mystery and deduction.


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