The Big Door Prize: A Korean

The Big Door Prize: A Korean Studio’s Global Triumph

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In an unprecedented move that marks a significant milestone for Korean content on the global stage, Studio Dragon, a powerhouse in the Korean entertainment industry, has co-produced the American drama series “The Big Door Prize” with Skydance. This collaboration has brought forth a narrative that weaves the intriguing tale of a mysterious machine in a small American town capable of predicting people’s fates, igniting a series of transformative events in the lives of the town’s residents.

Set to captivate audiences worldwide, Season 2 of “The Big Door Prize” will be unveiled on Apple TV+ on April 24, promising a deeper exploration into the lives and relationships of its characters. Following the high acclaim of its first season, which debuted in March last year with ten episodes, the upcoming season continues with another ten episodes, diving into the past and present stories of the characters introduced in Season 1.

An Soo-jeong, the Global Drama Team Leader at Studio Dragon, shared her excitement about the project’s success and the renewal for a second season. She emphasized that the positive reception of Season 1, even before the full release of all episodes, was a testament to the series’ artistic merit. Season 2 aims to unravel more intricate and emotionally engaging narratives about the characters’ relationships and the profound meanings of their lives.

“The Big Door Prize” has not only achieved remarkable success in terms of viewership, entering the top 10 on Apple TV+ in over 100 countries according to FlixPatrol but also made significant strides in North America, the UK, and Australia, where it ranked within the top 3. Moreover, the series boasts a 92% critic freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes, further solidifying its global appeal.

Studio Dragon’s venture into co-producing “The Big Door Prize” marks the first time a Korean drama studio has engaged in the production of an American series from its inception, in collaboration with foreign production teams. This pioneering effort underscores the studio’s commitment to expanding the influence of Korean creative content beyond its borders, leveraging both local and international intellectual properties.

As Studio Dragon continues to blaze trails in the global entertainment landscape, the success of “The Big Door Prize” stands as a shining example of cross-cultural collaboration and innovation. With anticipation building for the second season, fans and critics alike eagerly await the deeper narratives and emotional journeys that will unfold, promising a blend of intrigue, drama, and heartfelt storytelling that transcends geographical and cultural boundaries.


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