South Korea’s crossover group LA POEM

South Korea’s crossover group LA POEM is embarking on a new musical challenge

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Comprised of Park KiHoon, Yoo ChaeHoon, Jung MinSung, and Choi SungHoon, the group released their new single “MIRROR” at 6 PM on April 24th through various music sites. The song encapsulates LA POEM’s strong will to overcome adversities, as if trapped in a maze. This single includes the contrasting moods of the double title tracks “MIRROR” and “Rose,” heralding a new transformation into easy listening music.

“MIRROR” harmonizes deep house-based sophisticated beats with the delicate vocal changes of LA POEM members. By likening dangerous love to a maze made of mirrors, it tells the precarious story of a speaker who loses their way and wanders within. The song raises expectations as it was created by lyricist Seo JiEum, known for IVE’s “After LIKE,” and a team of composers from Norway.

The released music video captures the four members experiencing chaos in the darkness. Through dreamlike and disparate objects such as mirrors, butterflies, and broken old cars, the video visualizes chaos, with the members expressing their determination to overcome difficulties with strong gazes. It abstractly represents the emotional journey of wanting to take dangerous paths and the reason that opposes it.

“Rose” is an alternative R&B-based pop genre track with intense electric guitar sounds and the beautiful harmony of LA POEM added on top. Despite the sultry sound, it captures LA POEM’s resolve to move toward their goal, even though it means enduring pain like being pricked by thorns. BrotherSu and Kim Jina (Jina), who worked together on LA POEM’s mini 2nd album track “Anchor,” also contributed to this song, further enhancing the synergy with the members.

Through this single, LA POEM unveils new charms not shown before, lowering the entry barrier to the crossover genre with easy listening music that combines popularity and musicality, and foreshadows a sophisticated and fatal aspect that will captivate listeners. LA POEM’s new musical journey and transformation are gathering expectations and interest from listeners.

LA POEM’s new single “MIRROR” is ready to offer music fans a new musical experience. The group’s unique musical attempts and growing presence continue to draw significant attention.


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