South Korean President Meets With The

South Korean President Meets With The Head Of Trainee Doctors’ Group

Over the course of the past several weeks, tensions between the medical field and South Korean government have been at an all-time high due to an ongoing strike for better pay and working conditions. This has affected everyone from the training doctors to the patients desperate to receive aid. After such a tumultuous whirlwind of events, South Korean President, Yoon SukYeol, met with the person in charge of a group representing trainee doctors.

During their meeting, the President played the role of an active listener in order to understand their stance towards the government’s urging for medical reform. Being the first meeting since the trainee doctors left their posts, while some remained hopeful, others held their reservations towards the matter finally reaching a conclusion.

Medical professionals from trainees to professors continue to remain away from their posts in an attempt to sway the government in changing their current medical reform plans.


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