Song SoHee, Unfolding Musical Ascent with

Song SoHee, Unfolding Musical Ascent with “Aerial Dance”

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Singer-songwriter Song SoHee has ventured into a new musical genre, presenting her first EP, “Aerial Dance,” which encapsulates her unique color. Having spent a long time performing Gyeonggi folk songs, she firmly establishes her new identity as a singer-songwriter with this album.

At the listening party for “Aerial Dance” held in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Song SoHee shared, “This album, filled with songs I wrote and composed myself, feels like taking an exam,” expressing her nervous excitement. The EP consists of four tracks including “Day and Night Song,” “Against the Deep Sea,” and “Deer God,” each embodying her profound musical sensibility and storytelling.

Song SoHee expressed her desire to maintain her musical identity as a traditional musician while attempting new musical endeavors through original music. She stated, “I wanted to break the limitations I felt while performing Gyeonggi folk songs and create the music I truly wanted to make.” This album represents a new challenge for her, providing an opportunity to establish her own musical identity through various attempts and experiments.

The “Aerial Dance” album deliberately arranges tracks in a specific sequence of time and space, offering listeners the feeling of embarking on a journey through different times and settings. The title track “Aerial Dance” symbolizes her determination to embark on a new path, embracing change and growth, aiming to express a spirit of freedom through this song.

Through this album, Song SoHee has broadened her musical spectrum while experiencing both the joys and challenges of creation. She discovered new paths she had not known before and aspires to continue creating fun and meaningful music.

Moreover, Song SoHee has shown interest in collaborations with other artists, especially hoping to work with the girl group (G)I-DLE. Her musical journey is still ongoing, and “Aerial Dance” allows us to glimpse her musical changes and growth.

Song SoHee’s “Aerial Dance” is a new musical attempt that transcends the traditional framework of national music, reaffirming her musical talent and potential. Watching the musical journey she will continue to pursue is undoubtedly going to be exciting.


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