Song Ha Yoon’s Past Allegations Of

Song Ha Yoon’s Past Allegations Of Abuse Resurface Amidst School Bullying Controversy

Her father was also allegedly in on it.

Actress Song Ha Yoon, who is currently embroiled in a school violence controversy, has been drawn into a new set of allegations after a post from 2015 resurfaced accusing her of verbal abuse.

Song Ha Yoon

In the concerned post, a user shared an incident alleging that Song Ha Yoon and her father had verbally abused a woman for feeding stray cats. The OP (original poster) mentioned that Song’s father aggressively cornered the woman, behaving like a “thug.” The actress, instead of stopping him, joined her father and started verbally abusing the woman.

Song Ha Yoon screamed, ‘Hey [censored]. How old are you, ahjumma? [censored]’ over a hundred times…

— The original post

Eventually, the woman called the police for help, but when the officers arrived, Song and her father hid from them. As soon as the police were gone, the two reappeared and harassed the woman again. Song Ha Yoon also allegedly threw away the cat food the woman had bought.

Song’s agency, which previously admitted that the actress had to shift schools due to a school violence case, has not addressed these older allegations as of yet.


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