Singer-songwriter Beomjin has captured the hearts

Singer-songwriter Beomjin has captured the hearts of music fans with his newly released single “That Day”, showing remarkable success on the music charts

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On April 22, 2024, “That Day” by Beomjin began by ranking 16th on the Melon Latest Chart and climbed to 52nd on the Melon HOT100, showcasing impressive chart performance. Moreover, it reached 8th on the Kakao Music real-time chart, proving his status as a trending singer-songwriter.

After four weeks of release, the song also hit 34th on the Genie Music latest chart, proving that Beomjin’s new song is not just a fleeting popularity but is receiving continuous love. This consecutive success on the music charts once again confirms that Beomjin enjoys long-term popularity with each new song release. Having previously climbed to 5th place on the Melon TOP100 with “Hello”, which established him as an icon of resurgence, “That Day” is also expected to enjoy long-term success.

“That Day” was inspired by the commonly said phrase, “You know, those kinds of days.” Through this song, Beomjin aimed to deliver a message of comfort to not only himself but to everyone on days filled with pain, sadness, and helplessness. His warm voice brings great comfort to listeners, raising expectations for the future success of this new song.

With “That Day”, Beomjin has once again captured the hearts of music fans and plans to actively communicate with fans through various content in the future. Fans’ interest and support for Beomjin’s musical journey seem to continue.


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