Simon Dominic Departs AOMG After 10

Simon Dominic Departs AOMG After 10 Years

Simon Dominic is leaving AOMG.

On April 22, SPOTV News reported that Simon Dominic recently decided to end his exclusive contract with AOMG.

In response to the report, an AOMG official stated, “In February 2024, Simon Dominic and AOMG mutually confirmed the artist’s intention to terminate his contract. We are currently in the process [of finalizing the details].”

They further remarked, “The situation is still pending finalization, and until then, both AOMG and Simon Dominic will continue their activities diligently as the agency and its artist.”

Simon Dominic has been a pivotal figure in AOMG since he joined the label in 2014, serving as co-CEO alongside Jay Park until 2018, before resigning from the position and transitioning back to being an artist under the label. This year marks his 10-year journey with the company.

This news follows the recent departures of fellow AOMG artists Gray, Woo Won Jae, Lee Hi, and GooseBumps, who also left the label earlier in March.

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