“Shameless” Idol Fansite Causes A Huge

“Shameless” Idol Fansite Causes A Huge Stir

A post by an idol’s fansite on X (formerly known as Twitter) has caused a stir across multiple social media platforms.

At first glance, the original post was seemingly innocent and standard for a typical idol fansite. The posted clip features &TEAM‘s Nicholas dancing to BTS Jungkook‘s “Seven” at the Golden Wave in Taiwan event on April 13.

Golden Wave in Taiwan 1
Poster for “Golden Wave in Taiwan” | KKTIX

However, the caption of the post caught the attention of netizens. It reads,

Staff member, I’m really sorry.

– Fansite

As it turns out, a staff member could be heard in the clip very politely asking the fansite to delete what they had recorded.

Excuse me. Sorry, but perhaps you might need to delete this. Hello? Hello?

– Staff member

However, as indicated by the fansite’s post, they heard the staff member’s request but chose to upload the video instead of deleting it. At first, netizens reacted positively.

So funny. The staff member was so gentle and even waved.

– Netizen

This is the most well-mannered staff member I’ve ever heard while asking for a video to be deleted.

– Netizen

However, as the post went viral, criticisms of the fansite surfaced.


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That Nicholas fansite was advised by the staff member to delete their video, but they still posted it, and everyone was on the fansite’s side. I don’t understand it, don’t you feel ashamed? You got caught; why were you so shameless…? As expected of someone from Taiwan.

– Netizen

Other netizens were divided on the matter.

Nicholas 1

  • “Over half of the photos you guys see on Twitter come from situations like this, no?”

  • “I have mixed feelings about this and don’t have a place to let it all out. It’s like this for Korean groups; it’s standard to keep filming even after a staff member’s warning…I’m more afraid that you’ll get hated on for this.”

  • “Thank you for saying this on behalf of a coward like me. This is so embarrassing; why does everyone think it’s funny?”

  • “Most fansites take photos and videos riskily like this. Surely you don’t expect the fansites to simply delete and not post them every time they get caught, right? How can you hate on someone for this? If you can’t accept this kind of culture, stop stanning idols. What century do you live in? You still buy DVDs? How funny.”

  • “I was dumbfounded when I saw that Nicholas post. As a non-fan, I can only say that it doesn’t look good…(I’m the type that gets put off by what the fandom does.) The staff advised them passively, but they didn’t hold back at all. They even made a snarky response and posted the clip. Do they really think they’re all that?”

What’s your take on the matter? Leave your thoughts on the social media posts below.

“Shameless” Idol Fansite Causes A Huge Stir

Posted by Koreaboo on Saturday 20 April 2024


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