SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop Unit’s Upcoming Song Is

SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop Unit’s Upcoming Song Is Banned By KBS — Why Fans Are “Excited” About It

“We’re celebrating…”

SEVENTEEN Hip-Hop unit’s upcoming song has been banned by KBS, but CARATs are unexpectedly excited about it.

SEVENTEEN’s Hip Hop Unit (Wonwoo, Vernon, S.Coups, and Mingyu) | Pledis Entertainment

Over the years, SEVENTEEN’s Hip-Hop team, consisting of S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon, has given fans some of the most iconic tracks.

Netizens are expecting the same after the announcement of the group’s upcoming album, 17 IS RIGHT HERE. In a recent highlight medley, it was revealed that HHU’s song would be called “LALALI.”

Fans also couldn’t hide their excitement when the X account revealed that all of the unit songs would have their own music videos alongside the title track “Maestro.”

Yet, on April 24, when it came to the song’s being able to be broadcasted, while all the tracks were fine, netizens noticed that “LALALI” was banned from being broadcast due to “lyrics that hinder the use of appropriate language, such as indiscriminate foreign words.”


Yet, while most fans would be angry that a song was banned by KBS, it couldn’t be more different for CARATs. When the news was released, most couldn’t hide their excitement because, while it wasn’t explicitly specific about the language in the songs, most fans assumed that the song might have curse words and for once, they wouldn’t be censored out.

While it might be banned by KBS, it won’t stop the members from performing it, and now fans are even more excited.



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