SEVENTEEN Goes Viral For Singing ILLIT’s

SEVENTEEN Goes Viral For Singing ILLIT’s “Magnetic”…For All The Wrong Reasons

A new AI cover from SEVENTEEN is quickly gaining attention…and not because it’s good!

Recently, fanmade AI covers are gaining traction in the K-Pop community and receive mixed reactions. Some see it as a fun and unique way to imagine how one artist would sing a song that belongs to another artists, such as when SHINee‘s Taemin recommended an AI cover using his own voice model.

Meanwhile, some believe if taken too far, it may create a questionable future for human artists, like when the members of NCT revealed their opinions on it.

However, this latest cover going viral features SEVENTEEN covering ILLIT‘s hit single “Magnetic” — and it’s neither of the things described above!

The song is gaining attention for  how funny it sounds. Typically, when creating an AI cover, things can start to sound questionable when crossing genders: i.e. having a male artist cover a female voice and vice versa. Having the vocalists of SEVENTEEN cover ILLIT’s soft and girly sound was bound to create something hilarious!

Netizens couldn’t help but burst out laughing starting from the very first note — but if you continue to watch, it gets even better!

  • “Who is that in the beginning, it’s f*cking funny LOL”
  • “Ah crazy LMAO”
  • “No lmao who is that hahah Wonwoo-ssi? LOL”
  • “LMAO wtf is this lol”
  • “Wonwoo LOLLL”
  • “The first part, who are you LMAO ah it’s freaking funny LMAO”
Screenshot 2024-04-10 171404
| theqoo

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