Second-Generation Idol Snaps Back Once Again

Second-Generation Idol Snaps Back Once Again And Doesn’t Back Down Against Haters

Recently, Super Junior’s Ryeowook has been actively responding to hate comments online. He snapped back at them through both Instagram stories and posts.

| @ryeo9ook/Instagram

Who are you? Why are you making such a fuss. I’ve never not been out of my mind. Stop writing hateful comments, I see it all.

⁠— Ryeowook

In the photo, he posted a screenshot of a malicious comment left by someone.

| @ryeo9ook/Instagram

Wow, do you really think that you made all that money solely with your skill? There’s not much else I can write because I’m trying to be mindful of all the Super Junior fans out there lol. Ryeowook, wake up man. You aren’t on that level yet. You aren’t at that level to be making money just because of your hard work. Get a grip.

⁠— online user

He also left a long message through a post.

| @ryeo9ook/Instagram

“I didn’t want to have to explain this, but I guess some people think however they want and believe that I don’t value my fans. Why do you think the ‘you’ in the statement ‘I didn’t make money because of you, but because I worked hard’ equals my ‘fans’?

Do you think it’s okay to write hateful comments (‘he says he made all that money on his own when it’s the fans, how unfortunate is it for the fans’) and hurt me because you spent money on me? Isn’t that an abuse of power? Aren’t celebrities people too? Do I have to hold it all in even though I’m hurt? If this keeps going, there will only be AI celebrities left.

I don’t think of people who think it’s okay to hurt and leave hate comments because they spent money to be my fans.

I didn’t make money because of you, and to those who support me and are frustrated at all the hate going on right now, they are my true fans.

They are the people that have stood by me all this time and into the future. I have come this far because of them. I hope you know that the words you post online will someday cause you regret in the future.”

⁠— Ryeowook

Netizens agreed with Ryeowook and praised him for standing up to the haters.

Netizen comments | Instiz
Netizen comments | Instiz
  • “Just imagine how hard it must’ve been for him all these years..I support him…”
  • “Celebrities are people too…it must be so hard…”
  • “I agree with everything he said. Too many people think they can do anything because they spend money.”
  • “He said nothing wrong!”
  • “It’s true…the minds of people these days are so strange…”
  • “I saw the recommend feed and it was all hate comments…”
  • “What’s with all these people doing whatever they want just because they spend money? This is an abuse of power.”

He also previously gained attention for snapping back at a comment on his YouTube channel.

Second-Generation Idol Snaps Back At Malicious Comment Online, Netizens React


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