SBS Idol Survival Show “Universe Ticket”

SBS Idol Survival Show “Universe Ticket” To Return With Sports-Inspired Male Version “Universe League”

SBS’s idol survival show “Universe Ticket” is gearing up to return with a male version for Season 2!

On April 15, “Universe Ticket”—the audition program that recently gave rise to the new girl group UNIS—announced its plans to recruit contestants for “Universe League,” a male version of the show.

“Universe League” will feature an entirely different format from the first season of the show. The  upcoming second season will feature a league of teams battling against one another, and the final winning team that secures the “Prism Cup” will be the team that gets to debut.

In keeping with the league format, contestants will form teams through a draft system before competing against one another, and just like in professional sports, members will be traded between teams.

“Universe League” will begin accepting contestant applications on April 22, and any young male born before 2011 is invited to apply, regardless of nationality.

Are you excited for this revamped male version of “Universe Ticket”?

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