Running Man members took on the

Running Man members took on the challenge of eye-catching no-pants looks

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The beloved SBS show Running Man has once again captured the public’s attention, this time with the members’ daring no-pants looks. In the upcoming episode set to air on the 7th, Yoo Jae-suk, Kim Jong-kook, Ha Dong-hoon, and Yang Se-chan, among others, will present their astonishing no-pants looks, promising to deliver fresh laughter to the viewers.

This challenge was prepared as a penalty for the “Hipness Overflowing” race. At the opening of a recent recording, the members appeared in various no-pants looks, creating a unique scene. Yoo Jae-suk elicited laughter with a childlike appearance inspired by luxury brand fashion, while Kim Jong-kook showcased his strong presence with distinct muscle lines and a leather jacket. Remarks like “It’s the first time seeing Jong-kook like this” and “Only imagined in my mind” burst out among the members.

Ha Dong-hoon invoked the appearance of a past queen, and the youngest member, Yang Se-chan, delivered big laughs with his soft tofu beast look, revealing his pale belly. Ji Suk-jin and Song Ji-hyo also shone in this fashion challenge, perfectly pulling off an old-money look and geek-chic look, respectively.

They took on the challenge of shooting a new poster with this eye-catching fashion, showing embarrassment and concern that the photos might not be usable for broadcast, fearing the worst. Moreover, the members faced shocking news that they had to walk around in their no-pants looks on the streets. They presented a unique spectacle that astonished the public, including thigh wrestling on the streets.

This no-pants look challenge by the Running Man members once again shows their effort to provide laughter and fun regardless of the situation. This episode is scheduled to air on the 7th at 6:15 PM, with anticipation building around the members’ challenge and its outcomes. Running Man’s creative and unique content will continue, and fans are highly interested in what their next challenge will be.


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