“RIIZE Is 7” — Fans Bring

“RIIZE Is 7” — Fans Bring Demands For Seunghan’s Return To The Members IRL

Fans won’t stop til Seunghan returns.

Following their debut, RIIZE have dealt with several invasions of privacy targeting several members. Seunghan dealt with several that ultimately led to him being placed on indefinite hiatus.

RIIZE’s Seunghan | SM Entertainment

This was met with outrage from the group’s international fans, who have continuously demanded that Seunghan be returned to the group as nothing he was “exposed” for was a crime. These protest methods have included commenting on RIIZE’s posts about Seunghan and even a boycott of the group’s activities.

The Ongoing RIIZE Boycott Is Already Seeing Results

Recently, fans have taken their demands to the group’s members in real life.

On April 20th, KBS‘s Music Bank in Antwerp will take place, with a big line-up of some of K-Pop’s hottest groups, including RIIZE.


The day before the event, RIIZE were spotted in the city’s streets and even stopped to film a challenge for their new release, “Impossible.”

During one of these videos, a fan took a chance to deliver a message regarding Seunghan. In the clip below, a voice yelling, “RIIZE is 7,” can be heard at the 10-second mark.

This was not the only time that message was given. In other clips showing the group walking around with their security, a fan holding a sign that reads “RIIZE is 7! Bring Seunghan Back” can be seen walking near the members.


Fans were thankful for this message being delivered and hope to see Seunghan make his return soon!

Source: https://www.koreaboo.com/news/riize-7-fans-demand-seunghan-return-directly-members/

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