“Queen of Tears” Viewers Shocked To

“Queen of Tears” Viewers Shocked To Find Out Supporting Actress’s Background

Not all K-Drama fans are K-Pop fans, as not all K-Pop fans are K-Drama fans. That said, Apink Bomi‘s switch to an acting career has Queen of Tears viewers feeling quite surprised!

Apink’s Bomi in her full idol glam. | @__yoonbomi__/Instagram

As “Secretary Na,” supporting the character Hong Hae In (played by actress Kim Ji Won) in tvN‘s hit weekend show, Bomi adds sugar, spice, and everything nice to the scenes in which she appears. Her chemistry with Hong Hae In is adored among viewers around the world:


While “Apink” and “Bomi” are both undoubtedly household names in K-Pop, K-Drama viewers admitted to not having recognized the idol…

Apink’s Bomi as Secretary Na in “Queen of Tears” | @__yoonbomi__/Instagram

…and praised her stable, solid acting skills in the hit show!

Secretary Na’s past… revealed! She used to devour K-Pop.

— @x_xbbom/X

| theqoo
  • “Wait, what?! I know what Yoon Bomi looks like, but I had no idea she was in this show. I thought it’s some new rookie actress. WTH?! She’s gorgeous AND she’s good at acting!”
  • “When I first saw her, I was like, ‘That looks like Bomi.’ And then I realized it is Bomi. I was surprised at how good she is at acting and how great she looks as an actress. Haha. Go Bomi!”
  • “She has great pronunciation. I think she’s off to a great start as an actress if she keeps building her career like this.”
  • “Bomi blended into her character quite well. I hope she keeps working on building her acting career. She’ll become such a successful actress.”
  • “I did not think that was Bomi! She’s good.”
  • “Oh, wow. She looks so natural on camera. And she’s good at delivering her lines.”
  • “She has a great acting tone. What a natural!”
  • “WTF…? I know who Bomi is, but I had no idea this is Bomi.”
  • “Her acting blends in so well, I love that about her.”
  • “Wait, she’s from Apink?! I thought she was some new actress.”
  • “WTF, this is Bomi?!?! OMG, I didn’t even realize. I also thought she was some new actress.”
  • “Whoa, I had no idea she was from Apink. I thought she was some new face rookie.”

This is not the first time Bomi has shown off her stellar skill set as a growing actress. Starting with her cameo in 2012’s Reply 1997, she has been building her filmography with tvNSBS, and MBC K-Dramas.

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